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Non-Academic Surveys

There are moments in the year that it is important to ask questions that are considered non-academic; tests, Questionnaires, Surveys and Exams that include questions about personal and private attitudes, values and beliefs, as well as practices of the student, parents, guardians, family members, associates, friends and/or peers.

Screeners and other measures that impact academic progress and instructional practice (SAEBRS, Panorama, Trusted Adult Surveys, etc.) are not subject to review according to HB 2562; however, as a district, we have decided to post these types of surveys and ask parents to "opt in" to the surveys as outlined below.

When administering Non- Academic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys and Exams (NTQSE)

USD 250 will:

  • Post a copy of the NTQSE on the school district website.
  • Notify the parent in writing in advance of the NTQSE with information about the company or entity; and explain how the data will be used.
  • Provide the option to “opt-in” with consent in writing or electronic signature for each NTQSE.

  • The student may “opt-out” of the NTQSE, and must be informed of this right.