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PHS Students Impress at PSU Math Relays
PHS Students Impress at PSU Math Relays
Elishia Seals
Monday, April 15, 2019

PHS Math Club had 20 total placings at the 51st Annual PSU Math Relays. This is the most placements that PHS has had in the past five years!  Way to go, Dragons!

10th Grade Events

Algebraic Simplifications (large school)
1st – Guo, Olathe NW
2nd – Machudo, Park Hill
3rd (tie) – Syed, BVSW
3rd (tie) – Subramanian, Olathe S
4th (tie) – Blocker, Topeka
4th (tie) – Shute, GEHS
4th (tie) – Mein, Olathe NW
5th – Ortega, Sumner
6th – Kinsai, Parkhill
7th – Li, BVSW
8th – Phan, SM South
9th – Callahan, Sumner

Algebraic Simplifications (small school)
1st – Nagarajan, TJIDS
2nd – Brynds, Girard
3rd – Jeyarj, TJIS
4th – Dowling, Girard
5th – Willard, Drexel
6th – Johnson, Circle
7th – Richmond, TIS
8th – Ko, Columbus
9th – Lewis, Iola

Algebraic Equations and Inequalities (large school)
1st (tie) – Mein, Olathe NW
1st (tie) – Hubka, Topeka
3rd – Schwindt, Olathe S
4th – Frady, Maize S
5th (tie) – Ng, Olathe N
5th (tie) – Gud, Olathe NW
6th (tie) – Jung, Park Hill
6th (tie) – Cobb, Neosho
6th (tie) – Berg, Olathe NW

Algebraic Equations and Inequalities (small school)
1st – Min, TJIDS
2nd (tie) – Jenkins, TJIDS
2nd (tie) – Ma, Collegiate
2nd (tie) – Brynds, Girard
3rd (tie) – Hanna, Chanute
3rd (tie) – Tuschoff, Augusta
3rd (tie) – Liu, TIS
3rd (tie) – Lillig, TIS
4th- Durst, Lebo
5th (tie) – Cornali, Circle
5th (tie) – Wackerman, Adrian
5th (tie) – Beam, Wellsville

Algebra Word Problems (large school)
1st – Mathew, Pittsburg
2nd – Farringon, Pittsburg
3rd – Gomez, Olathe S
4th – Modlin, Park Hill
5th – Truman Gilner, Olathe S
6th (tie) – Hernandez, Sumner
6th (tie) – Jackson, BVSW
6th (tie) – Jaxon Gilnet, Olathe S
7th (tie) – Soria, Sumner
7th (tie) – Holle, GEHS

Algebra Word Problems (small school)
1st – Janssen, TIS
2nd – Burmeister, TIS
3rd – Drew Holt, Uniontown
4th (tie) – Henderson, M. Valley
4th (tie) – Jenkins, TJIDS
4th (tie) – Tuschhoff, Augusta
4th (tie) – Ding, TJIDS
5th (tie) – Huenber, Girard
5th (tie) – Crouch, Osawatomie
5th (tie) – Fair, Collegiate
5th (tie) – Muthukumar, TIS

Computational Math (large school)
1st – Syed, Blue Valey SW
2nd – Guo, Olathe NW
3rd – Gomez, Olathe S
4th – Callahan, Sumner
5th – Holgate, Shawnee Mission NW
6th – Lane, SM South
7th – Na, Olathe N

Computational Math (small school)
1st – Muthukumar, TIS
2nd – Nagarajan, TJIDS
3rd – Tee, Collegiate
4th – Ma, Collegiate
5th – Allen, Independence Bible School
6th (tie) – Wilson, Collegiate
6th (tie) – Boydston, TIS
7th – Ashenfelter, Augusta

Geometry (large school)
1st (tie) – Mathew, Pittsburg
1st (tie) – Gomez, Olathe S
2nd – Jackson, BVSW
2nd – Sathish, BVSW
3rd – Mein, Olathe NW
4th (tie) – Blocker, Topeka
4th (tie) – Stuart, G.E.
4th (tie) – Berg, Olathe NW
5th (tie) – Sayler, Maize S
5th (tie) – Frady, Maize S
5th (tie) – Lee, Pittsburg

Geometry (small school)
1st (tie) – Leiker, TIS
1st (tie) – Pistotnik, TIS
2nd – Tuschoff, Augusta
3rd – Bixenman, Circle
4th – Aiden Holt, Uniontown
5th – Clark, Christian Learning Center
6th (tie) – Dougherty, Rich Hill
6th (tie) – Vanderweide, Horton
6th (tie) – Aleuitas, Kremlin
6th (tie) – Richmond, TISf

Graphing (large School)
1st – Hill, Bishop Miege
2nd – Sathish, BVSW
3rd (tie) – Gilner, Olathe South
3rd (tie) – Selzer, Shawnee Mission South
4th – Kinsai, Park Hill
5th (tie) – Schwindt, Olathe South
5th (tie) - Swann, Shawnee Mission South
6th – Valverde, GEHS
7th – Gilner, Olathe South

Graphing (small school)
1st – Min, TJIDS
2nd – Nagarajan, TJIDS
3rd – Muthukumar, TIS
4th – Ahmed, Wichita Collegiate
5th – Lillis, TIS
6th – Isenburg, Eudora
7th (tie) – Huebner, Girard
7th (tie) – Kerr, Labette
7th (tie) – Dunn, Prairie View

Potpourri (large school)
1st – Frady, Maize S
2nd (tie) - Sathish, BVSW
2nd (tie) - Routh, SMN
2nd (tie) - Hubka, Topeka
2nd (tie) – Berg, Olathe NW
3th – Hill, Bishop Miege
4th (tie) – Swann , SM South
4th (tie) – Schwindt, Olathe S
5th – Modlin, Park Hill
6th – Farrington, Pittsburg

Potpourri (small school)
1st – Brynds, Girard
2nd – Dowling, Girard
3rd (Tie) – Burmeistek, TIS
3rd (tie) – Willard, Drexel
4th – Conlae, TIS
5th – Karten, Eudora
6th – Ashenfelter – Augusta
7th – Fleming, Iola

Programming (large school)
1st – Hubka, Topeka
2nd – Hill, Bisop Miege
3rd – Roth, Shawnee Mission North
4th – Selzer, SM South
5th – Dahlke, Shawnee Mission North
6th – Li, BVSW
7th – Dresher, Park Hill

Programming (small school)
1st – Brackhann, Circle
2nd – Blakemore, Frontenac
3rd – Conlee, TIS
4th (tie) – Flemming, Iola
4th (tie) – Keller, Uniontown
5th – Adams, Girard
6th – Dauben, Frontenac
7th – Pistonile, TIS