#DynamicDragons: Diana Guiles
#DynamicDragons: Diana Guiles
District Communications Office
Friday, March 30, 2018

Diana Guiles is a first-grade teacher at Meadowlark Elementary and has been a teacher in USD 250 for 21 years. She is an example of what our district is about, which is putting kids first; making her one of our #DynamicDragons.

"When I decided to become a teacher, I was taking classes, working full-time, and had kids. Life was busy. However, I was determined to stay the course. Looking back, I'm so glad I did. Many times it has been the kids who have kept me going."

"I've always set goals for myself. I have always wanted to be there for the whole child, not just the education part. I think about the kids and their life. I always tell the kids when they are my students they are my student for life. I still have students who call me or who come see me."

"When you look at a child, you don't look at who they are you look at where they are going to be. That's easy to do. That's what keeps me going. When I see where they are going to be and know that I get to be a part of their journey, that's exciting."

"It means the world to have that experience. I get to be more than their teacher. I get to be their trusted friend. I feel good knowing they understand I'll be there to
help them no matter their need."