Students Help Children in Foster Care

According to Kansas Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), more than 200 kids are in foster care in our area.  Upon learning some of the statistics and doing research, students taking Mrs. Kelsey Boulware's English Language Arts class are stepping up to help kids in a foster situation.

Through a project called Journey Bags, started by a foster care parent group, they have collected more than fifty backpacks and have supplied them with clothes, toiletries, journals, and baby supplies.

"We are going to help kids going into a new home and some of them have nothing but the clothes on their back," Jacob Linahan,  6th grade, said. " [We are doing this] so they feel loved and have the stuff we have."

Boulware says she thinks it's a great project for the students because gets them connected to their community and have compassion on kids in these adverse situations.

"It's so awesome," Boulware said. "Some of them don't understand the impact they
are having on kids. It helps them realize not all kids live the same way they do."

Susan Beitzinger, the Prevention and Protection Supervisor at DCFS says she is grateful for the kids taking on this project.

"Having something of their own can make a real difference for them," she said. "Hopefully it reduces the trauma that these children are going through when they are being placed into foster care."