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Covid-19 Response

The following updated Covid Guidelines were approved by the Board of Education on 8/8/22.

COVID-19 Guidelines: USD 250 recognizes that it is an individual/family responsibility to assist the district in maintaining a healthy environment for all of our students, staff, and visiting patrons.  With this in mind, we will expect all persons in district buildings or on district property to be responsible and follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not come to school or work when you are sick

  2. At this time, we will not practice universal masking, but anyone is welcome to wear a mask at any time

  3. Positive individuals will be required to stay at home for a minimum of 5 days.

  • They may return to school/work with a mask for an additional 5 days as long as they are fever free for 24 hours and have no other symptoms

  • If a person does not wish to wear a mask, but is positive, they will be required to stay at home for 10 days and may return to school after day 10 if they are fever free without any symptoms

  • If symptoms persist, an extended stay at home period will be required until the symptoms subside and the person is symptom free

  1. The district will not contact trace

  2. In-home or other close contacts should monitor symptoms.  Testing will be highly encouraged on days 0, 3, and 6. [Day 0 is the first day that a close contact to a positive case is identified]

  • In-home or close contacts may choose to stay at home

  • In-home or close contacts may choose to wear a mask for the safety of those they come into contact with

  1. Testing will not be required to stay and learn or play, but testing will be available to USD 250 students or staff that would like to test at our district testing facility

  • Positive tests will be reported to the County via Health Exchange

  1. No one is required to quarantine unless positive or under the direction of a health official

  2. Mitigation strategies will remain in place, such as

  • Frequent handwashing

  • Sanitization of frequently touched surfaces

  • Teaching students and modeling good hygiene such as coughing in your elbow, using a tissue, how to wash your hands

  • District/Building sanitization and cleaning protocols